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Global Travel Publishers Announces the African Safari Journal & Field Guide

New York, NY – August 2013 –Global Travel Publishers Announces the launch of Mark Nolting and Duncan Butchart’s African Safari Journal & Field Guide. Available in September through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and others, the handy book is a wildlife guide, journal, language guide, maps and resources directory all in one. The newest of Mark Nolting’s guidebooks, the African Safari Journal & Field Guide is a comprehensive, compact travel companion for Africa enthusiasts.

The African Safari Journal & Field Guide features detailed information including a color illustrated guide, checklist, and journal pages for safari-goers to record their experiences for future reference. Included are color illustrations to the 122 mammals, 258 birds, 28 reptiles, 8 frogs, 33 fish, 27 trees and 11 ecosystems readers are most likely to see on safari. With 62 color maps and 30 blank journal pages, readers will be able to record their safari memories and gain a thorough understanding of the African continent.

As a consummate explorer and researcher, Mark Nolting’s expertise is the result of over 30 years of adventuring and study. In addition to the African Safari Journal & Field Guide, Mark previously authored the comprehensive Africa’s Top Wildlife Countries series and heads the award-winning Africa Adventure Company with his wife, Alison Nolting. Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Alison managed safari camps before joining Mark to lead their team of experienced Africa travel consultants.

The Africa Adventure Company is dedicated to curating trips of a lifetime and uncovering Africa’s best kept secrets. The Africa Adventure Company’s first-hand knowledge of Africa and wildlife permits them to offer highly personalized trip planning and advice. Well-known for delivering expert safari guidance, the Africa Adventure Company presents the African Safari Journal & Field Guide to share with all Mark Nolting’s vast expertise and passion for Africa.

About Africa Adventure Company

The Africa Adventure Company is an award-winning travel outfitter and leading Africa specialist known for its extensive portfolio of more than 75 safari trips to over 14 African countries. They pride themselves on planning personalized safaris of a lifetime with a commitment to sustainable tourism and eco conservation, while promoting camps that are symbiotic with nature and the community and offering exquisite game viewing with top notch guides. For more information about Africa Adventure Company, visit their website at or call 1 (800) 882-9453.